About us

Daniel was born in France and achieved a Bsc degree equivalent in Cell Biology, an MSc of Bio-Informatics and Genomics, and finally a PhD in Evolutionary Biology in 2005. He then moved to London UK to work as a post doctorate research fellow in the Department of Genetics, Evolution & Environment of University College London until 2007. His academic career includes 8 publications in high quality peer-reviewed journals, 5 of them as a first author. After having finished a professional translation training, he is making the  most of his academic background to work as a freelance translator/proofreader. He is also proficient in subtitling.

Aaron was born in Belgium and received a BA Honours in Philosophy and an MSc in Natural Resource Sciences in McGill University, Canada, and is now completing a PhD in Urban Geography at Birkbeck, University of London. He worked at the McGill Daily for three years, both as a production editor and Chair of its Board of Directors. He has published many journalistic pieces, and recently edited the book In defense of degrowth, written by Giorgos Kallis. He is the co-editor of a magazine on environmental politics, Uneven Earth.

info (at) butterflywords.com